Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Phase 1 - Collect Underpants

Dear diary,

As today marks the momentous occasion of my first post I suppose I should fill you in on events so far.

Phase 1 - Pre C117 Games

As a young and inexperienced chickan I was always led to believe that video games were just a hobby; certainly not a viable career option for a young man. Strangely enough this wasn't from my immediate family so I'm not entirely sure where I got that impression from. Probably school. My parents were very supportive and even funded a couple of my early entrepreneurial ventures... erm... attempts.

Luckily my experience trying to get games to work on my IBM XT paid off so, after both these ventures failed, I was able to get a job in IT support. I enjoyed helping people and was "good with computers" so it made sense and, whilst not making me rich, has certainly paid the bills over the years.

A few years ago I discovered a program called RPG Maker VX. It seemed like an easy starting point to make a video game so I created Nick's Quest - a proof of concept game to see if I would be able to do what I wanted to. It seemed to work ok and the feedback from people playing it was great.

Unfortunately Nick's Quest never made it to the shelves and is still just free to play or download. I'm not sure why but I never got around to developing the sequel and poured my creative juices into two new ventures instead; writing a book and writing for a video games website... actually is that just one thing isn't it? As they're both "writing"

It didn't take long before I realised that I wasn't a fantastic writer. Hell I wasn't even a passable writer however I really liked the concepts and the world I'd created so I didn't want to just dump it. My mate Simon said the concepts were good which, as every awesome writer knows, meant it would have made me a fortune had I published! 

So the book was a no goer... although I continued to take notes and add to the concepts/stories whenever inspiration hit me.

Luckily my creative appetite was sated by my other unpaid job; writing for Stevivor.com. Whilst my news and reviews weren't great, I felt it was doing an ok job and earning my place on the team. As a backup plan, in case they decided my writing was crap, another team member and I started up a podcast. We loved to talk about games and it made sense, in our minds, to record it and see if people enjoyed listening to it too. Turns out they did and we had nearly 1,000 subscribers by the time it finished (Stevivor merged podcasts with MMGN. It's still going. Just not in the old format)

I know this is going to seem abrupt but I'm going to stop here as the next stuff really falls into "Phase 2" ... which I'll do as a separate blog so it looks like I post more than I really do!

Hope all's well with you diary. Write back some time.

love Dave
xxx ooo

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